Tattoo Artist


In North Western Ontario, born and raised, by the train-tracks is where i spent most of my days, chill-in out maxin relaxin all cool shooting some Bball outside the pool.  When a couple of guys, they were up to no good started making trouble in my neighbourhood……i had one bad ex and my mom got scared and said you’re living with your dad just outside Lloydminst-air.

Working in Lloydminster with Dark Hour Ink since 2015, with almost a decade of passion put into my industry. Each day working harder and appreciating my craft a little more. Quick with my hands, and even quicker on my feet making sure to make every session, fun, witty and always something to remember. If my zeal for movie quotes doesn’t keep you coming back, my use of numbing spray sure will.

Specializing in full colour , and illustrative/pointillism. With an undeniable weakness for anything nerdy. I’m already looking forward to your next session.


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