Hypafix Aftercare


Hypafix locks in the body’s natural fluids and enzymes, which would otherwise be lost to evaporation or scabbing. These fluids keep cells hydrated, and more effectively break down and remove dead tissue, so growth of new cells is stimulated and pain is significantly reduced. Hypafix provides a barrier against dirt, bacteria, and friction; while at the same time being completely breathable – inviting oxygen to the skin and eliminating bacteria growth.


What do we want you to do?

You are to keep the bandaid on for minimum of 4 days-Max of 7, removing the morning of the 7th day. when removing, have a shower and remove at the end of shower. Peel hypafix off slowly. Wash any blood or fluids from your tattoo massaging with your fingertips and a light soap. NEVER USE A BAR OF SOAP. Dry tattoo with paper towel once you exit shower.

This bandage is waterproof (however using a loofa or any soaps with any sort of scrubs in it, i.e- coconut shells, micro beads, etc. is NOT recommended as it will lift off the adhesive. Baths, Saunas, Hot Tubs and still bodies of water are also NOT recommended, so keep showers short. )

This bandage IS pet friendly and does not allow pet dander of any sort inside your tattoo.

THE ONLY time the bandage is to be removed before the 4-7 days is if the bandage lifts and or fluid leaks outside of the bandage and your new tattoo is exposed, if that does happen, remove bandage as it is no longer sealed, no longer sanitary, and no longer doing you and benefits. With that being said. The bandage will ‘bubble’ due to the ‘pooling’ of fluid underneath. DO NOT pop that ‘bubble’ the fluid will reabsorb in the first 20-36hours of the tattoo.


My 4-7 days are up, now what?

Now that it has been a full 4-7 days and you are ready to take off your bandage. It is recommended to get into the shower and do everything you have to do, ( water and steam will help ‘soften’ the adhesive of the bandage), then after your skin has had a chance to get warm and soften you can pick a corner or edge and S-L-O-W-L-Y start to peel back your bandage.

Slowly remove the bandage away from the skin. You will notice it looks as if the tattoo came off with the Hypafix , what you are seeing is the parts of the tattoo that would have heavily scabbed for you. DO NOT be alarmed, it’s a good thing!  This bandage is designed for the result of virtually no scabbing or peeling, which is normally the most irritating stage of getting a tattoo.

Once the bandage has been removed, give it a rinse down with anti-bacterial soap and warm water (sunlight, dawns blue and/or Palmolive dish soaps are a great choice. Again NOTHING with a strong scent or scrub .  Also, NEVER a bar of soap. Bars of soap are a FEEDING ground for nasty bacteria you do NOT want going into a fresh wound.) Remove  any blood or plasma that may be left between the bandage and tattoo itself, Work up a soapy lather in  your newly washed hands and massage the soap over your tattoo in circular motion, paying attention in removing and extra fluid.

After you are done washing you tattoo and have excited the shower, pat down your tattoo with paper towel.

(NEVER use a towel or facecloth or toilet paper or any other piece of clothing, to dry tattoo. They all have fibres that can be wiped into the fresh tattoo that can cause it to get irritated.)

Wait a minimum of 6 hours before applying your lotion (non-scented white lotion or  2-3 times a day, until healed, peeled, and all taken care of. when applying lotion , only use enough to moisten and NOT saturate)

**** Remember to always keep your tattoo clean****

Have fun, enjoy and Happy Healing!!





It is extremely important to prevent your new piercing from getting infected.

Follow these basic rules to achieve this:

  • Never touch your new piercing with dirty hands (yours or anyone else’s).
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes, as this can cause irritation that may lead to an infection. Try to avoid catching your piercing on things. And avoid sleeping on it!
  • Clean clothes should be worn at all times, or none at all depending on the piercing. Wear a breathable bra for fresh nipple piercings. The more air your piercing gets, the better.
  • Keep your new piercing away from your partner’s body fluids (saliva, blood and/or sexual fluids). Avoid Baths, swimming pools, hot tubs, as well as rivers and lakes until your new piercing has healed. These may contain bacteria that can harm your piercing. Showers are fine.
  • Eating well and getting good sleep is also important.
  • Listen to your body and take it easy!

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning Your New Piercing. Always washing Hands before and after, paying specific attention to your finger tips. 

For Helix,Tragus, Lobes, Daith, Conch, Rook, EyeBrow, Bridge, Belly Button, Nipples- Spray with Saline solution 2x’s a day for 2 weeks making sure to clean any”crust”off the jewelry and piercing. then spray again and leave alone until you clean it at night before bed. After the 2 weeks of 2x’s a day you will leave the piercing alone for the following 4 weeks, cleaning only when crusty or bothersome. You may change at 6 weeks, IF able. If the 6 weeks comes to an end and the piercing is still tender please continue to leave alone for another 2 weeks, checking in with Dez wouldn’t hurt either, she is always around to help.

Nose piercings, Spray 2x’s a day for 2 weeks and then for 6 weeks after just leave alone and clean only when crusty or bothersome. Noses i recommend leaving for a minimum of 8 weeks. Once the 8 weeks mark has come, if the piercing is still sore and/or tender, leave alone for an additional 2 weeks. Removing any piercing before it is ready will result in Losing the piercing all together. DO NOT RUSH THE HEALING PROCESS!

Oral Aftercare, best product to use is listerine watered down 50%. You want to rinse 30-60 seconds, no more than 5x’s a day. Ice and an anti-inflammatory will help reduce swelling, as well as slightly elevating your head at night. Avoid spicy, acidic, salty and hot temperature foods and/or beverages. Continue to eat. If it is not your body fluid it is not safe for the piercing. No oral contact until healed.

Your friends mean well but DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. Any questions, please feel free to contact Dez at the shop, (780)875-1884



Additional Notes

For Oral Piercings

Rinse your piercing with alcohol-free antiseptic mouthwash after consuming anything other than water. Do not use a whitening mouthwash product. Oral-B anti-bacterial rinse can be used twice daily. Popsicles and ice cubes are great for reducing swelling. Stick with soft foods like soup and apple sauce; slowly work your way back to harder foods.

For Genital Piercings

Abstain from vigorous sexual contact until your piercing is healed. A condom or dental dam should always be used. Prevent any contact with another’s bodily fluids until you are absolutely sure that your piercing is healed. Avoid tight clothing and remember, play safe!

If you have any questions or problems, please stop by our shop so we can best advise you how to address the issue.