Tattoo Artist

The first time i can remember really getting into drawing, i was 13 and drawing on all my older brothers, friends jean jackets. I was born in Kentville, NS. At the age of 16 years, started tattooing friends to get experience. When i turned 20 years i went into a local tattoo shop in Kentville and walked out with an Apprenticeship that lasted 5 years. The opportunity arose for me to move to Alberta in 2004 and jumped on it. In 2008 i moved to Lloydminster to work in a shop and that is where i met Dez, who would later become my wife. I always knew i wanted my own shop so when opportunity presented itself Dez and I jumped on it and never looked back. I have been tattooing all together now for 29 years now and have learned a lot of techniques along the way. I pride myself on the wide range of Styles i can create, my favourite being Black and Grey shade. Dark Dark Dark. which brings me to Dark Hour. My wife and I brought our dreams to life with our shop in 2009 and from then on this dream has been amazing. I pride myself and our team on our professionalism and respect for this industry and really look forward to where we will take Dark Hour Ink, in the future.


Tattoo Artist

In North Western Ontario, born and raised, by the train-tracks is where i spent most of my days, chill-in out maxin relaxin all cool shooting some Bball outside the pool.  When a couple of guys, they were up to no good started making trouble in my neighbourhood……i had one bad ex and my mom got scared and said you’re living with your dad just outside Lloydminst-air.

Working in Lloydminster with Dark Hour Ink since 2015, with almost a decade of passion put into my industry. Each day working harder and appreciating my craft a little more. Quick with my hands, and even quicker on my feet making sure to make every session, fun, witty and always something to remember. If my zeal for movie quotes doesn’t keep you coming back, my use of numbing spray sure will.

Specializing in full colour , and illustrative/pointillism. With an undeniable weakness for anything nerdy. I’m already looking forward to your next session.


Tattoo Artist

Plant mom. Coffee Addict. Pickled egg enthusiast. Our Artist Maddie has over 2 years of tattooing experience and loves to work in Traditional?Neo-Traditional styles. Although she may prefer traditional styles, she is experienced with water colour, black and grey and she has quite a niche for her clean fine-lines. From painting on garage walls to midnight to morning sketch sessions, she’s had a love for art since she can remember.